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Brand architecture.

Brand architecture strategy is an inside-out approach to organizing your product and service offerings.

It becomes the framework upon which you build your brand system. Many businesses that grow over time leverage new ideas and expertly exploit market opportunities when they surface. That’s just smart business. Oftentimes however, your brand system doesn’t keep pace with those smart choices.

If your business is complicated or confusing (think ‘multiple departments with separate teams and goals’), or if you offer a variety of disparate products and services — brand architecture should be part of your business planning.

A successful brand architecture helps your customers, prospects and even employees easily and clearly understand the whole business — what you offer, and how each business segment relates to the others.

Brand architecture, well developed, is the best way to bring your range of offerings into clear and organized focus, allowing you to effectively leverage your brand, support cross-promotion and gain control over how your brand and your business are perceived.

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To design and build a new website for a global luxury goods manufacturer.

Our aim was to ensure a logical user experience.

The challenge was that our client serves a diverse market, both in product offering and target audience.

Brand architecture and sitemap

“The art of design is to make complicated things simple.”

- Tim Parsey,
Former SVP Design at Yahoo!


Before addressing the website content and organization, we first needed to address brand architecture.

This client built an extremely successful business over multiple generations. Their products are targeted toward several diverse customer segments — selling to both B2B and B2C customers — with all products being extensively customizable and bespoke.

By clearly organizing the products and options as well as paying special attention to the various customer segments, we were able to create a very logical brand architecture. One that was simple to understand and which importantly leveraged the ‘wow’ factor of the whole business.

We built a website to work more effectively for their prospects — creating a simple, clear and compelling user journey that best supports each business segment and offer.


Supported by the efficacy of the new brand architecture and website, this client now has a backlog of 2+ years.

Organization is beautiful. And smart.

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