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Build your sales funnel.

Doing the same thing and expecting different results — we’ve all been there.

To break through you need to change your perception of the opportunity — a new way of thinking changes the approach and more importantly, changes the outcome.

To create an effective go-to-market strategy, your research needs to be exhaustive and the plan carefully crafted to achieve the desired results.

Defining custom targets and tailored messaging together with the right channels will help position your business to excel.


A B2B ecommerce supplier sought exponential growth.

Initially, despite lofty top line growth goals, our client did not amend their traditional go-to-market approach. In this case, simply adding more of the same marketing was not going to be the answer.

B2B industry screen

“B2B brands that connect with their buyers on an emotional level earn twice the impact over marketers who are still trying to sell business or functional value [alone]. ”

- LinkedIn Pulse


A robust go-to-market plan featuring a variety of new custom audiences and deep behavioral insights.

We started by researching the market to identify specific industries and various job roles in need of our client's products. We identified how and where each audience spent time searching for solutions — this was important to reach each group directly and efficiently.

Custom messages were developed for each audience group using their industry vernacular, focused on solving their specific problems and helping them to find what they needed quickly. We helped our client to find new customers by understanding them on a level beyond function and utility.


A highly effective go-to-market plan, executed to help fill our client’s sales funnel with new prospects, en masse. A new approach combined with deliberate and tailored touch points helped to reach new prospects and build credibility.

Top of the funnel, topped off.

Lovely People is a business and brand agency solely focused on our client’s objectives. Our work is intentional, impactful and engineered to endure.

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