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Simple value proposition.

The intimacy and deep knowledge you have about your business can get in the way of a clear message.

Oftentimes we suffer from ‘knowing too much’. While that doesn’t sound like a problem, in reality, it can be.

Conveying complex business information in a concise manner on your website can also be a huge challenge in many business areas — such as science, technology and healthcare.

When it comes to your business, you should think about what your audience knows, what they don’t know, and what they need. This information is critical as you plan the content and structure of your website, brand assets and communications. Looking through your customer's lens is vital to understanding the value your business provides.


Simplify the complex with concision and absolute clarity.

To help a B2B service provider who operates in highly regulated industries more accurately convey the depth and breadth of their expertise and services.

Simplifying complex data

“When we are given knowledge, it is impossible to imagine what it's like to LACK that knowledge.”

- Chip Heath
Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford Graduate School of Business


Clear articulation of the business, its mission and services.

We worked together to help refine their vision and most importantly, clearly describe their services which were detailed and complex.

We created a new brand identity steeped in trust, credibility and modernity. We applied these brand concepts to all communications combined with concise, intentional writing describing complex services in simple language.

Clear conveyance of the services in a way that all site visitors — both experts and laymen — could quickly understand was the most rigorous, and most important, part of this project.


A new brand identity, professional and modern, and a website which clearly conveys the services and benefits provided by our client. Moving them beyond the competition and positioning them as the leading expert in their category.

The result was well worth the research and planning invested.

Clarity, from complexity.

Lovely People is a business and brand agency solely focused on our client’s objectives. Our work is intentional, impactful and engineered to endure.

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