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Talent recruitment.

Your brand is a personification of your business. Not just what you do, but what your business stands for — it’s values and ideals.

Why does this matter? Because a brand is an emotional connection, which is important for people.

Which people? The ones that matter to your business success — customers, current staff and very importantly, future employees to support the growth of your business.

You want your brand to work for you in all ways possible — including helping you to quickly and efficiently recruit qualified talent.


COVID-19 caused a labor shortage. A large regional employer needed a way to find super specialized staff, fast.

The immediate goal — to find skilled, qualified candidates for over 300-roles needing to be filled immediately.

The long term goal — to attract top talent from the nation’s best schools as well as our client’s national competition.

Talent Recruitment Screen

“If your employer brand is boring and unattractive, so too will be your talent and performance.”

- Edward E. Lawler
USC, Marshall School of Business


A strategic go to market plan designed specifically for recruitment of the nation’s best talent.

Marketing is defined as promoting or selling something. In this case, that ‘something’ was an amazing work culture and employee benefits far better than much of the client’s competition, nationally.

We identified the precise geographies where the top talent resided in the US — the best schools for the relevant training plus top tier competing systems which employed them. The communications plan was targeted to these geographies exclusively.

We refreshed and strengthened our client’s employer brand to better reflect the outstanding culture and benefits offered by the company on their website. Our strategy included promotion of the local area to help connect national candidates to the amazing lifestyle, geography and culture — vital to lure new, relocation talent.

Recruitment messaging was tailored to entice and attract, sharing the benefits of employment with geo-targeted campaigns served to prospective candidates precisely where they spend time online.


A robust stream of qualified, highly skilled candidates reaching out to our client’s Talent Acquisition team.

Candidate pipeline, filled.

Lovely People is a business and brand agency solely focused on our client’s objectives. Our work is intentional, impactful and engineered to endure.

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