Brand position supports market perception and growth.

The industry

M&A financial due diligence

The client

Professional services advisory

The company is a leading international financial due diligence firm. They serve private equity, lenders and corporations through advisory, acquisitions and divestitures, supporting transactions up to $5B+.


With the objective to break through the middle market for M&A support services, the company was enthusiastic about a website refresh.

Our findings

Our competitive research helped the client understand they needed a more robust approach. Specifically, they needed to begin by bolstering their brand position. In order to compete with their well known and far larger competitors, it was time to do foundational brand positioning and messaging work to help facilitate this next level of growth.

The solution

With the intention of attracting new, larger clients, we refreshed the brand with an aesthetic to ‘look the part’ for their category and their performance. The new brand evoked the outstanding service, quality and successful outcomes they delivered. The new, modern look and feel was combined with a messaging system that was highly relevant for the marketplace, addressing issues their target audience faced.

The details —
Informed by research

We began with extensive research on the competitors. The new brand positioning needed to compete with considerably larger financial due diligence firms. The research findings allowed us to pinpoint the most important brand attributes we needed to showcase.

Clear and relevant messaging

We created an accompanying messaging system to ensure the new positioning was effectively and consistently amplified in the marketplace. The new messaging was tailored specifically to ‘fit in’ alongside larger competitor choices. At the same time, the messaging helped the company to ‘stand out’ authentically based on their history of performance and their deep understanding of complex market issues.

Go-to-market planning

A go-to-market plan was built utilizing the new messaging system. The strategy was tailored to target new prospects — specifically, targeting larger clients in the very categories where the company already had established an impressive and trusted track record.

“Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time.”
Elon Musk
The results

Market positioning aligned with their category and audience — a brand, at work.

Our focus on brand positioning was the right choice to meet the company’s business objectives.

The informative research — competitor and audience — helped ensure the new brand could both ‘fit in’ alongside their larger competitors, and at the same time ‘stand apart’ from the crowd.

We achieved a modern look and feel for the brand together with messaging which effectively conveys the high quality of their services and bespoke approach. The new brand leverages the unique value and benefits the company had been providing their existing client base for years.

The result was an elevated perception by the market and very quickly, new and larger prospects in their pipeline. Glass ceiling, shattered.

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