Marketing automation for sales acquisition.

The industry

M&A financial due diligence

The client

Professional services advisory

The company is a leading international financial due diligence firm. They serve private equity, lenders and corporations through advisory, acquisitions and divestitures, supporting transactions up to $5B+.


When you enact a growth plan, the ability to measure sales pipeline becomes a critical KPI as teams work toward an objective.

Our findings

Our client had a small sales team that utilized traditional channels to build its prospect pipeline. With this in mind, developing an automated marketing funnel meant that we had to understand the team, their strengths and weaknesses, and build a solution that fit their needs.

Their goal — growth of specific account types in an effort to be considered best-in-class. They needed an ongoing source of qualified leads to engage and re-engage over time.

With limited experience in managing an enterprise CRM, the solution needed to facilitate action instead of bog down a small team in administration.

The solution

To address their objective for increased qualified leads, targeted marketing campaigns were implemented to support ongoing traditional efforts. These leads were automatically funneled into their simple (think ‘non-technical’) CRM, providing details and suggested action items for team follow up.

The details —
Targeted marketing ecosystem for top of funnel leads

Knowing that the team utilizes tradeshows and events for traditional sales efforts, we built geo-targeted campaigns that supported their activities, driving traffic to hyper-relevant landing page content, ultimately funneling leads to their CRM, with suggested follow up actions. Beyond localized efforts, we built an ongoing and extensible marketing ecosystem, supported by a content creation strategy that allowed the team to purvey themselves as thought leaders and select industry and category experts.

Automated onboarding system

Now that the marketing ecosystem was driving traffic to targeted landing pages, the warm leads were funneled to the sales team where they could re-engage them on a set schedule. High touch activities which became scheduled and routine. By documenting conversations and communications in the CRM, the team was able to better manage multiple leads across the staff and speak in specificity about the prospect’s potential needs.

Visibility for leadership

With the new technology implemented, the leadership team was now able to measure KPIs, gauge pipeline and help support and steer their sales team. The ability to quickly dive deep on select prospects and to help the sales teams accurately qualify leads gave leadership more control and ownership of the firm’s future.

“CRM is your GPS to a better route on your business development journey.”
Bobby Darnell
The results

A measurable and transparent pipeline creates efficient client onboarding, a sense of ownership from sales, and visibility for leadership.

The automated technology we implemented, from outward facing hyper-target marketing to internal communications about the quality of a prospect, allowed for traditionally manual processes and conversations to be organized and planned.

The ability to manage more pipeline volume enabled the sales team to be far more effective, feel more accomplished and push the business through the glass ceiling to be considered a best-in-class provider.

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