Unexpected ways to leverage your technology.

The industry

Commercial real estate and private equity investing

The client

A web based investment platform offering best-in-class investment opportunities for accredited investors

This company was built from a successful family investment office to a publicly available platform for accredited investors, offering exclusive access to income producing, asset-backed investments.


Our client had a need to create clear and professional private placement memorandums for prospective investors. They struggled to produce detailed, yet concise and consistent formats for each new investment opportunity, for their investors to review.

The process was manual and extremely time intensive, requiring a great deal of staff effort to produce each time. Due to the manual process, quality and output was inconsistent.

Our findings

By starting with the output requirements, we were able to align on consistent information which was required in every PPM. By starting with this, we suggested use of their existing technology assets to help them create new PPMs.

One of the existing (investment) platform capabilities was custom page templates which could be applied to each investment opportunity. We determined we could use their existing website to accomplish this easily.

The solution

We developed an extensible content management solution for PPM creation and iteration. On the input side, the client had a familiar UI, adjustable content fields and a structured framework which could quickly create a new PPM or iterate on existing PPM layouts during production.

The solution output was mobile responsive code that could be copied and pasted directly into the templating system of the investment platform. The output was consistent, clean and quick, creating PPMs in a well designed and very consistent layout.

The details —
Simplify the process and framework to create PPMs.

By starting with the expected output, we identified key metrics and content that would universally be applied to every investment opportunity and the associated offering memorandums to showcase them. This simplification was necessary to begin with, in order to plan the production process. By understanding output and potential variations, we were able to plan around data and creative asset differences in a template to provide flexible layout options and which would look and perform well on both desktop and mobile resolutions.

Utilize existing technology and tools to your advantage.

Utilizing the existing website CMS, we extended its capabilities to include the management of fields and data for a new purpose — exporting formatted code to create consistent PPM layouts within the investment platform while also keeping the data private. In short, we used very conventional tools and used them in a completely unconventional way.

Provide tools and processes to ensure excellent outcomes.

This new process provided exactly the right tools to help staff who are not designers nor developers, to produce high quality assets — quickly and effectively. The resulting opportunity PPMs were consistent and on-brand and significantly more mobile friendly both in terms of usability and aesthetic.

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life.”
Bill Gates
Co-founder of Microsoft
The results

Our client was able to produce professional looking business assets for multiple investment types on their own without the need of an external vendor. As new investments came online, our client could manage their public facing website and their investment portal with confidence at the speed of business.

Simple, effective and efficient.

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