Viewpoints heart Brand Management

Effective brand management helps business grow.

Increase the power and value of your brand — and grow your business — by applying these fundamental strategies.

Borne from a great idea/product/service, how you represent your offer and your business is through your brand.

What comes next? Ongoing brand management should be top of mind and a planned activity. Too often, entrepreneurs overlook this when they are busy building their business. But effective and consistent brand management is a vital business activity. It’s a smart strategy to yield maximum advantage from a very valuable asset — your brand.

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”- Steve Forbes

Brand management is essentially the alignment of your brand strategy with your business objectives. There are a variety of activities involved in ongoing brand management which help increase the value of your brand, deliver on your promises, meet your business goals and grow your business. The activities are all focused on consistent and effective use of your brand assets. What’s involved?

The strategy for growth.

Make it real

Turning your business concept into a brand. Informed by research, this is the intersection of strategy, design, technology and brand.

Tell your story

Planning your go-to-market strategy. A defined tone of voice and a genuine brand story to inspire your marketing messages and go-to-market approach.

Measure it

Real time analysis of marketing efforts. Measurement of performance as it relates to revenue, profit, employee engagement and your overall business objectives.

Make it better

Refinement of communications strategy. Informed by data, this is smart editing of your MarCom strategy — do more of what works well and less of what doesn’t — driving ROI.

Build brand equity

Brand equity isn’t passive — you create it. Effective brand management is a series of ongoing activities that, when combined, drive exponential growth and value.

Effective brand management benefits are exponential.
  1. Convey vision, mission and values
  2. Create recognition and differentiation
  3. Motivate customers and staff
  4. Amplify trust and loyalty
  5. Build reputation and perception
  6. Enhance your market position
  7. Grow your business
Want to realize these benefits?

Brand management is an ongoing operational effort, requiring systems to measure and improve multiple activities both in the marketplace and within your organization. Each of these processes align to build brand equity over time and grow your business.

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