Viewpoints heart Insulate Your Business

Protect your business to weather the economy.

Take action to strengthen your business, mitigate risk and thrive in any market.

An uncertain market outlook, supply chain issues, inflation and weakening consumer spending can threaten all businesses, with some being far more vulnerable than others.

However, there are numerous protective actions you can take now to help bolster the strength and resilience of your business and importantly, to help protect your revenue and profit streams.

See the list of steps you can take now. It’s easy to overlook some of these best practices which will strengthen your business and help you weather every market condition. Our recommendations are below and you can read more details in our viewpoints which provide a deeper dive into each operational activity with the how-to and benefits.

Financial Measures
Protective Financial Measures
Optimize your cash flow to make your business more resilient in dynamic market conditions.
  • Review customer invoicing, collections and payment terms
  • Request improved credit terms from suppliers
  • Secure alternative sources of credit from trusted financial institutions
  • Build cash reserves where possible
Operational Enhancements
Operational Enhancements
Streamline your internal operations to yield better margins.
  • Analyze and streamline your internal operations and processes
  • Integrate and utilize all of your technology for maximum efficiency
  • Strengthen your best client relationships and transition problematic ones
  • Review your workforce lineup and identify alternative staffing models
Product and Service Offer
Product and Service Offer
Review your product and service offer to strengthen your business, improve your margins and identify market shifts ahead of your competition.
  • Optimize inventories, shore up supplier relationships
  • Diversify offer lineup
  • Identify new target markets
Strategic Marketing
Strategic Marketing
Customize your marketing roadmap to deliver measurable ROI with smart planning, analysis and optimization.
  • Create a marketing roadmap that fits your business
  • Drive awareness and to win against your competition
  • Leverage owned and earned media to the greatest extent possible
  • Analyze and optimize your marketing, to drive up ROI

The best defense is a good offense.

The most effective way to support the health and success of your business is to take targeted and strategic actions before you actually need them. If your business is well prepared ahead of time you will have the highest probability of ongoing success — regardless of market and economic conditions.

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