Viewpoints heart Integrated Systems

Increase profits with smart system integration.

Integrating your supporting business systems is an effective way to optimize operations and improve profit performance.

Do you need to think about business systems?

Operating your business in 2023 almost guarantees that you can benefit from some type of digital system management. There are a number of considerations to make about what data to manage both internally and externally.

Data is a great differentiator as we look to the future. How you gather data, how you organize data, how you analyze and leverage the data are what makes your decisions smarter and more efficient and ultimately, can help your business become more profitable.

How? Data integration efforts improve efficiency and quality of your business data over time. Efficiency — by reducing or eliminating manual processes, and quality — by analyzing data components from various systems, together.

Effective data integration optimizes your business information, utilizing software and services to automatically connect data from all segments of your operations.

What you should consider when growth is top of mind.

Every business’ consideration set should be fit for purpose. There are some core tactics you should take to identify whether your business can further optimize its system operations and create efficiencies.

Isolate the vital data points for each business segment.

Understand the current softwares that operate within your business.

Analyze collected data and identify potential redundant activities.

Research existing software platforms and determine their effectiveness.

Plan the data integration and new supporting processes.

Integrated Systems
What kind of systems are we talking about?
The list is extensive, depending upon your business model and industry. Some examples are —
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • Customer relationship (CRM)
  • Inventory management
  • Vendor + supplier management
  • Point of sale (POS)
  • Online commerce platform
  • Financial management systems
  • HR management systems
The takeaway.

A robust approach to systems integration offers your business more power to leverage your own data — efficiently, accurately and in real time — helping you garner insights and provide a compelling platform for better decision making.

More effective use of your business systems is a critical consideration to help improve profitability. Lovely People can help. Let’s talk.