Leveraging design to explain a complex offer.

The industry

Pharmaceutical, biotech, life sciences and medical devices

The client

Professional services advisory

A leader in their category, this company helps establish industry standards, providing advisory and support solutions within highly regulated industries and the rigorous requirements that accompany them.


Early in conversations with our client, we discovered that teams, employees and even leadership weren’t able to clearly and succinctly articulate what and how the company offers value to the market.

With a huge breadth of services, we identified that, with no uniform way of speaking about their value-add proposition to potential clients, they were losing opportunities and seeing the sales pipeline dry up.

Our findings

Since our client works on large scale and highly regulated projects that begin at the consulting phase and extend into ongoing operational and validation support it was understandable that their system of organization for their offers had been cobbled together by separate teams over time.

Multiple divisions touching different points along the client experience led to confusing and inconsistent nomenclature, confusing prospects and sales teams alike.

A brand architecture didn’t exist to bring together disparate working teams and leadership didn’t feel they had the tools in place to direct their teams in a unified direction.

The solution

Alongside a full visual rebrand, we developed a naming system and offer architecture that allowed teams to speak in whole or in part about how they solve problems for clients. This was then translated into a visual system that made for quick and logical navigation. This allows prospects to better understand the difference between working with an end-to-end provider (our client) versus engaging multiple vendors to support their projects.

The details —
Establish a relevant and visually unique naming system

Once we were able to identify every department, the service they offer, and the unique value they bring to the process we were able to create a map of an ideal project flow state. This map served as our point of reference as we built a top-level service offer supported by each project phase.

Use the naming system to create common vernacular across departments

After we established the new naming system, our team was able to build a simple document that was utilized by leadership to align teams and bring common vernacular to the entire company.

Reimagine their brand architecture to ease prospect onboarding

The visual representation now allowed a logical user flow through digital and traditional mediums. This has allowed potential clients to quickly understand the breadth of offer on their own.

“Clarity and simplicity are the antidotes to complexity and uncertainty.”
General George Casey
Four-star general, 36th Chief of Staff, US Army
The results

Our client and their market-facing staff could now consistently articulate their offer with simplicity and clarity which helped support new business efforts in a much more efficient way.

Additionally, their new visual system allows prospects to easily discover what they need on their own, shortening the sales cycle.

The sales pipeline became more predictable and the sales team was motivated to approach the market with more ease.

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