Complex solutions, simplified by design.

The industry

A SaaS product, targeted to large-scale, complex capital construction projects

The client

Software developer

The company provides extensible software solutions which combine best in class project, program, and knowledge management. Their products provide collaborative workspaces for multi-vendor project delivery with real-time monitoring, data sharing and reporting.


Create a modern website experience supporting a quickly growing product line for B2B SaaS applications servicing Fortune 500 companies conducting large, complex multi-vendor projects.

Our findings

We started with research to understand the company’s target customers’ needs in order to identify effective content, relevant messaging and design options in order to create an optimal user experience.

Our goal was to design and develop a website that would very effectively support the target prospect and customer goals. The site would need to convey clear information about the product line — all the features and benefits.

This company has an evolving product line so the planning also needed to consider content and messaging for both existing customers as well as new prospects.

The solution

The design strategy focused on compelling content with an intuitive user experience.

We first created schematics to very clearly lay out common user requirements, mapping those requirements — and combinations of requirements — to specific product modules, features and functions.

This schematic became a central design element for the website as it helped visually showcase various product functions while conveying the power of the modular software suite. We used interactive graphics as a powerful and effective solution to demonstrate the functions and benefits of a single module, or a combination of modules interactively to address their exact needs at any point in time.

Alongside the graphics, we developed focused copy content that helped both new and existing users navigate the journey best for their requirements. The site offered customized help — the user experience became highly personalized, based on each visitor’s unique needs.

The details —
A picture is worth a thousand words

We used a unique design solution for the company’s website which ultimately became an all purpose selling tool for the company — leveraged beyond the website as part of their sales process. The company’s product line is extensive and complex with multiple modules which could be used in a variety of combinations for different project management needs. We created an interactive graphic which changed based on selections of the visitor when reviewing each module, or a combination of modules, features and benefits.

Design with evolutions and scale in mind

We also needed to consider the fact that the company’s product suite would be updated regularly. SaaS providers typically evolve products with feature rich additions regularly based on needs and feedback of their customers and the market. Our design graphics allowed for routine updates and additions to be conveyed to existing customers (new functions and benefits available) as well as new prospects (a clear understanding of all features, functions and benefits).

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”
Charles Mingus
The results

An effective website strategy, deployed to support new business and existing customers.

These design and copy content elements, conveyed well, became the cornerstone of an effective website strategy supporting the existing customer base as well as sales and marketing efforts to attract new customers.

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