Building scale by focusing on product-design fit.

The industry

Hospitality, recreation and other buyers for high end pool and spa projects

The client

A manufacturer of pools and spas for both commercial and residential applications

This company is a global leader in innovative design, precision engineering and custom fabrication of luxury pools and spas.


With 40 years of history, our client understood the need to bring their brand look and feel current with their best-in-class luxury pools. To accomplish a successful brand update, it was key for us to understand the industry today and the direction it is heading in the near and long term.

As a family-owned business, managing different preferences and garnering buy-in was an important part of the work we undertook, making a well informed approach vital to the process.

As with many long established businesses, bringing their assets together was a key part of discovery. The challenge wasn’t just to establish a look and tone of voice, but to provide the client the requisite tools to continue the foundational work we undertook.

Our findings

The discovery process aligned our team and the decision-makers. We identified key industry trends and new product lines alongside a deep appreciation of the history the company had created.

With a varied audience and product line, a visual system to differentiate product lines would be a critical component in efficient customer experiences. The visual system must also provide the ability to grow beyond current offerings, so the extensibility of the visual system would become more critical over time.

With no real asset management system, our client was in need of a centralized repository and supporting processes to deploy designs across departments and entirely separate business units.

The solution

An evolution of their wordmark and logo, a design system that has already allowed multiple new product launches and a process to create design assets at the speed of business.

The details —
Evolution not revolution

As a leader in their market, there was a large amount of brand value. Cognisant of the years of brand value created through hard work and a superior product, our design team evolved their visual identity while establishing a unified verbal identity that hadn’t existed to this point.

Make it logical and extensible

Creating a visual and verbal system that accommodates the future requires diligent upfront research and understanding of where the business has been and will go. Understanding leaders’ objectives brought to life the need for extensibility and the speed at which the business may evolve. From that point, we looked to the audiences to ensure they could quickly traverse the business at large to find the product(s) that fit their needs.

Design system and a library of assets

Understanding the structure of the business allowed us to centralize asset dissemination, create processes around existing and future design assets and increase their speed for future go-to-market activities.

“Design is how it works.”
Steve Jobs
The results

The business has since brought multiple new verticals to fruition with unprecedented speed and success. The system has brought their departments and divisions closer together, supporting other areas of their business at large.

A design system that pays homage to the past but accounts for the future.

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