A strong employer brand supports recruitment and retention.

The industry


The client

A large, decentralized hospital system offering medical, diagnostic, and treatment services.

This regional hospital system supports the health and well-being of patients in Southeastern US offering highly specialized services in cardiac care, orthopedics, oncology, pediatrics, women’s health, rehabilitation and trauma care.


COVID-19 had caused a labor shortage in healthcare across the country. Our client, a large regional healthcare network, needed a way to find and attract super specialized staff in a highly competitive category.

The immediate goal — to find skilled, qualified candidates for over 300-roles needing to be filled immediately.

The longer term goals — to attract top talent from the nation’s best schools and competitors as well as improve staff retention rates.

Our findings

Our findings revealed that although there was a significant amount of support, care and attention for the staff and culture in place, there was little to no active management of the employer brand.

Our client had just benefits and open roles on their market-facing website. This was simply not enough information to publicly represent the good work they were doing to support a healthy company culture nor showcase the excellent work environment. They needed a strong employer brand as part of a comprehensive and successful recruitment strategy.

Equally, an active and well managed employer brand system — one that resonates with employees needs and desires — effectively supports employee retention. Feeling heard, cared for and valued lowers turnover in any market let alone the highly competitive healthcare category.

The solution

We helped them design and build a strong employer brand. The design solution included discovery and creation of the brand content — well beyond benefits and job openings.

Working closely with the HR and TA teams alongside key staff and brand ambassadors, we helped design an effective employer brand which reflected their strengths, values and culture.

We designed relevant and supporting website content, creating dedicated user journeys for both staff and candidates with content customized for each purpose.

Finally, we created a strategic and highly-targeted go to market plan designed specifically for recruitment of the nation’s best talent.

The details —
Leverage the power of a strong employer brand

We refreshed and strengthened our client’s employer brand to better reflect the outstanding culture and benefits offered by the company on their website. We honored staff, events, celebrations and their unique and highly supportive company culture. The brand was consistent with the market-facing brand for community and patients, but uniquely positioned to meet employee and prospective hires’ needs.

Make it logical and extensible

Creation of a strong employer brand became a longer term solution, helping the talent acquisition process now and well into the future. Our website content strategy for prospective candidates included promotion of the local area to help connect national candidates to the amazing lifestyle, geography and community culture as well — vital to lure new, relocation talent.

Highly targeted marketing to maximize ROI

A strong marketing approach is vital to be successful against the goals established. We identified the precise geographies where the top talent resided in the US — the best schools for the relevant training plus top tier competing hospital systems which employed them. The marketing communications plan was targeted to these geographies exclusively. Recruitment messaging was tailored to entice and attract, sharing the benefits of employment with geo-targeted campaigns served to prospective candidates on specific digital channels where they spend time and consume their information online.

“For an organization to recruit effectively, its [employer] brand needs to be known and understood.”
Edward E. Lawler III & Christopher G. Worley
The results

Leveraging the new employer brand as part of the near term marketing and recruitment efforts was highly beneficial. The candidate pipeline began to grow exponentially yielding a robust stream of qualified, highly skilled candidates reaching out to our client’s talent acquisition team.

Candidate pipeline, filled.

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