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Talent retention.

A company’s success relies on the quality of its people and their fundamental belief in the business mission.

Staff are providing services, developing products, servicing customers and creating the future. A deep connection to the place they work makes all the difference.

An employer brand is a company’s reputation together with the principles, values and benefits offered to employees. It’s the best version of the business — all that’s revered, authentic and true.

Positive employer branding helps attract talent and, perhaps more importantly, helps to retain high quality staff who are crucial to the success and growth of the business.

Put your employer brand to work.


High turnover and far too many open roles caused this client to seek out a dedicated website with staff retention as its primary objective.

Leadership realized the need to showcase the company culture, benefits combined with a targeted effort to raise morale by leveraging the very human element of being part of this team.

Talent Retention Screen

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.”

- Simon Sineck
Leaders Eat Last, Jan. 7, 2014


A refreshed and highly effective employer brand representing company culture and the rewards of being part of it.

A modernized, robust talent site built for both staff and prospective employees alike.

A thoughtful, best in class user experience was created to reflect and amplify the company culture with personalized staff stories that celebrate employee milestones, awards and highlights. The solution provides a resource center for staff to remain up to date with company announcements, find necessary documents and easily communicate with HR.


Staff were proud to participate in the process, helping to amplify the employer brand as well as heighten employee dedication, commitment and retention.

Employer branding, at work.

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